Midgray explores the intersections of technology, culture, and aesthetics via investigative methods that do not inherently culminate in a product.

Hold That Task. This Is On.
Interactive Voice Installation
Hold That Task. This Is On. reminds us of the people who work tirelessly to make AI assistants appear more human by inviting people to read beautiful messages to the Amazon workers who must transcribe everything said to Alexa.


Collaboration with Catherine Chen
Http:// www: a birthday celebration, Carnation Contemporary, Portland, OR 

The Space Blanket Project
Tactical Public Sculpture
The Space Blanket Project co-opts existing public space to establish contemporary memorials for the migrants and asylum seekers who have been separated from their families, detained, deported, or otherwise live in constant fear of any of these realities.


Installed in public spaces around Portland, OR 

No in Disguise
Interactive Multimedia Installation
2016 - 2018
No in Disguise is a multimedia documentary installation that examines sexual consent through actual conversations with algorithmically targeted dating site users who have expressed misogynistic attitudes in their profiles.


Interstices, UC Santa Cruz Digital Arts Research Center

After All This Time
Performance for Camera
After All This Time is a non-fiction performance that follows the artist as she records the name of the man who assaulted her and buries it in a time capsule as a futile insurance policy against future internal and external doubt. It is a testament to the lengths victims of sexual violence must go to in order to have their stories heard and believed.


Performed & Installed at Art Farm, Nebraska

Portland, Oregon