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doomscroll livestreams

for the wrong biennale no. 5

This work is being livestreamed as part of the  DOOMSCROLL pavilion in  the wrong no. 5, for at least 24  consecutive hours every week until the program has run its course, for a total of 13.5 days. The next livestream will start Nov 21, 2021.

Play this video fullscreen. Turn up your screen brightness, turn off the lights,  and turn up the volume.  Headphones recommended.

A single digital image presented one pixel at a time over the course of weeks, transforming each color into sound and light.

This moment in time feels like we’re watching our screens, waiting for the circle to stop spinning.

How do we measure progress when there’s no bar to fill? When we’re not given a percentage completed. When we don’t know how long we will be waiting. How long will it be before we forget what we’re waiting for?

Even before we confined ourselves to our homes, we still felt like we were constantly waiting for life to load, to begin.

Waiting until we had enough money, ideas, free time, space. The right partner, the right friends, the right job, the right opportunities, the right political climate, the right cultural moment.

Until we had waited long enough to see. Until our wounds healed. Until the weather improved.What we’re waiting for may change. But we haven’t stopped waiting.

An experience by Midgray + Keith McGraw